Sam, dog from “I am Legend,” is now 13 and still the best friend a person could ask for

If you have ever seen “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith, then you know how well don of a movie it is. One of Smith’s co-stars in the film was a German shepherd named Abbey. In the film, she plays the dog, Sam, which belongs to Smith’s character, Dr. Robert Neville. Throughout the film, she plays a part in the developing plot which helps drive the film home.

Abbey turns 13-years-old

Source: Steve Berens

Recently, in light of the tenth anniversary of the film, Abbey’s owner Steve Berens announced that she had turned 13. And while she is older than she was, Abbey is still the best friend that anyone could hope for. Her performance in the film was top-notch and has earned her accolades from critics and fans of the film.


It is the interaction between Smith and Abbey that drives most of the action in the film. The synergy between the two is palatable. In her retirement, Abbey has shown her age, according to Berens. Berens, who is Abbey’s trainer, in addition to being her owner, says that the dog is doing great.

“She’s older now and she doesn’t hear hardly anything. But she’s still kicking, she still likes a ball and likes a bone,” he said in a LADbible interview.

Source: Warner Brothers Pictures

Abbey was so popular with the cast and crew that Berens says that Smith, the film’s star, begged him to let him keep her when filming was done. While filming, Smith had the understanding that Abbey was his co-star, doing a performance of her own beside him.


Smith had lost a family pet to an automobile accident as a child and had sworn he would never own According to Berens, he heard through various channels that Smith had expressed an interest in becoming Abbey’s new owner. Berens was understandably wary of that fact but said that he wouldn’t have necessarily been against that happening.

Source: Warner Brothers Pictures

In Abbey’s best interest, he thought it best if he said no. He did say that if Smith had approached him directly that he possibly might have agreed. Abbey had become such a big part of his family that it would have been hard for him to let go so easily.


Source: Steve Berens

Abbey took to acting in films relatively quickly, according to Berens. His company acquired her in July in anticipation of her role in the film, “I Am Legend,” and by September she was ready to go, but not without frustration.

“She was trained a lot of the basics that you need for film work, and then directly for those scenes. It was stressful at first, but she really came on good. She’s a good dog and she really learned fast.”

Here is a clip of one of the saddest moments in the film. One that showcases Abbey’s acting chops.

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