Cruel Owner Gets 1 Month In Jail For Chopping Off Dog’s Front Legs, As It Chews His Shoes

A dog that wasn’t even a year old when he was checking his neighbor’s yard, this is Cola. Cola found a pair of shoes – and It’s a natural for puppies to chew on them, that's what they do with shoes.  

Distressingly, the neighbor came out as well as saw Cola chewing on the shoes, and from Cola’s owners, he demanded restitution. The man was paid for his shoes by Cola’s owner, however the man determined that wasn’t enough. Later, the man struck Cola and with a sword, he cut off both of the dog’s front legs! Imagine that! All this for a filthy pair of shoes?


How can that be rightful restitution for a couple of shoes? The man then had the bloodless to tell Cola’s owner that if she reported him, he would kill her other dogs, however the woman called the police since she was not going to let him get away with this brutal act.

A rescue group in Thailand, named The Soi Dog Foundation, was contacted and Cola was in a hurry to a veterinary hospital where he was provided with a wheeled cart and was soon out and about relishing life.

Because of Cola’s former owner worried about having him back at her house, Soi Dog took him their shelter in Phuket. Finally, Cola is walking again! since he was fitted with prosthetic legs.

Cola also encountered Soi Dog’s co-founder, Gill Dalley, who lost both of her legs 12 years ago from septicemia (blood poisoning) and the two sparked an instant connection! Watch the video below.



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