Lost from his family, dog knew exactly who to turn to for help

If you have ever had a dog go missing, then you know how traumatic it can be. And while it is hard on pet owners when they can’t find their beloved pet, imagine how much more stressful it is for the animal.

A dog in Florida knew exactly who to turn to when he got separated from his family.

An unexpected visitor


Two police officers with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida were on their way back to their patrol car after a call when they encountered a visitor waiting for them at their car. Sergeant Rose and Deputy Soto were surprised to see a dog who appeared to be lost.

Hank was wearing a tag


Checking the dog, they found that he was wearing a collar with an ID tag. As it was night time, the two officers assumed the dog had somehow become separated from his family. Fortunately, the dog had found the two officers, who were more than happy to help him.

“Deputy Soto thought that the dog, named Hank according to his collar ID, might be hungry,” Gary Levine, a public information officer with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, told The Dodo. “Deputy Soto gave Hank the last of his dinner. He opened the rear door of his patrol vehicle, and Hank jumped in.”

Soon, Hank was on his way back to his home, where he was reunited with his grateful family. Most surprising of all, his owners hadn’t even realized that Hank had gotten out. Luckily, he came across the officers, who were able to reunite him with his family before they even knew he was in trouble.

What to do if your dog goes missing

In many cases, it is not so easy to reunite a lost dog with their owner. According to vetSTREET, only six percent of dog owners are likely to find their lost dog at a local shelter. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to increase the odds of being reunited with your dog when they go missing.

Start by having your dog microchipped. This step greatly increases the chances of having your pet returned to you. It is important, though, to keep the information on the chip up to date, otherwise, whoever scans it will have no idea where you are living if you move.


You can also check various community sites on the Internet. And you can go out and search for your pet and ask around to see if anyone has seen your pet. Most importantly, never give up looking for your lost pet.

Watch the video below for more on what you can do if your dog gets lost.

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