Friendly crow teaches a German shepherd to play “fetch” with him

Most dogs are friendly and are usually quick to accept a new family pet. Their sociable nature allows them to make friends with humans, other dogs, and even cats in some cases.

One dog might take the cake with the unique friendship he has made with a crow.

A German shepherd and a crow become best friends

The dog, a German shepherd, was introduced to the crow as a puppy. The crow, which was a baby at the time, had been rescued by the dog’s owner. It seems the dog’s dad found the crow alone in the wild and took him in.

Once he was old enough to fly, the crow left to make his own way in the world.

The crow still visits occasionally


The crow never forgot what the family did for it and often returns, bringing gifts as a thank you. Before he left to live on his own, though, the two friends had learned how to play fetch together.

This started when the owner would play fetch with his dog. Soon, the crow was wanting to join in.

Catching it all on video


The dog’s owner was able to catch one of these play sessions on video. A caption on the video stated:

“Here we have such an unusual friendship of a dog and a crow. How awesome is that this dog accepts this crow into forming a friendship. After discovering an abandoned baby crow in the woods, this man brought it home to raise it. Quickly it grew fond of his pet German shepherd, and the two have bonded ever since. Watch them take turns playing fetch with a ping pong ball!”

Playing fetch together


As the video starts, the dog’s owner rolls the ping pong ball in the dog’s direction. As the ball stops in front of him, his crow buddy squawks as if he is asking him to play. After the dog returns the ball to his owner, next it is the crow’s turn.

The crow nudges the ball before squawking at his brother again to make sure he is paying attention.


Picking the ball up, the dog’s owner rolls the ball further away. The crow gives chase, pecking at the ball with his beak, which causes it to roll along. At one point, the ball gets stuck and has to be retrieved, which the dog’s owner does. It seems that the dog’s owner does most of the work when it comes to the crow, but the crow gives it his best.

Eventually, the dog starts giving chase again and grabs the ball before placing it on the ground before him. The dog and the crow seem to be good friends, with their adorable play session showing us all that if a dog and a crow can be friends, then anybody can.

For more of the duo’s play session, watch the video below.

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