Dog Found Lying on Sidewalk Completely Motionless After Being Injected With Cocaine

Peanut proved everyone that she was a fighter!  

As he was walking down the road, one animal control officer came across a helpless dog that was lying on the sidewalk completely motionless. He though the animal was dead and got closer to check up on it. That’s when he realized the dog was still breathing although it didn’t react to the touches or any other stimuli.

He was quick to take the dog named Peanut to the nearest animal center where they discovered how she had been injected with cocaine and other heavy drugs. The kids from the neighborhood where she was first spotted later confessed to forcing Peanut taking the drugs.

The staff members at the Faithful Friends Animals Society that took Peanut in started the treatments of cleaning her body from the drugs right away.

Although she was still alive, her survival was uncertain as her condition was very severe.

Peanut was transferred to the emergency unit where besides the medications she was given lots of love and attention.

In the morning, she woke up and could lift herself on her legs. Despite everything she went through because of those kids, she proved everyone that she was a fighter.

“When she first arrived, she was unable to walk, stand, eat, or drink. Our vets had never seen mistreatment dealing with narcotics like this. It was heartbreaking,” said Kevin Rentz, Marketing Manager at the rescue center.

Luckily, it all turned for the best for 1-year-old Peanut and she was now ready to be put up for adoption.

“She stole the hearts of all the vets and techs here. Once the drugs had started leaving her system, you could see her personality pick up.”

Once her story spread on the Internet, many people were interested to give Peanut a loving home. The luckiest of them, a family from Delaware, got to take her in and love her unconditionally. We are so glad sweet Peanut got her happy ending!


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