Sick Dog Gets Dumped At High-Kill Shelter And Gets Excited Whenever She Has Visitors

Aimee the Pit Bull had developed a painful skin condition, and her owners didn’t want to take care of it. So, they decided to abandon her. Aimee found her way into Carson Animal Care Center, a high-kill shelter in California. She knew her fate and was scared and nervous all the time.  

Workers of “Saving Carson Shelter Dogs” noticed the traumatized Aimee and decided to help her. They got her help for her skin condition, and also shared her story on social media. Soon, Aimee was healing, and would get adorably excited whenever she had visitors!


The volunteers have also shared a sweet photo of Aimee on her favorite colorful blanket. She longingly looks at every visitor, praying that someone takes her home. Aimee is full of love and she needs a home soon. Share her story and help her find a forever home.

Update: Aimee’s story melted the hearts of animal lovers, and soon, a family walked in to adopt her. Aimee will now live with her new mom, dad, and three siblings!


In this video, we see Aimee on her way to her forever home. She is so excited she can barely hold herself back as she runs to meet her new family. We thank everyone who shared Aimee’s story and helped her find a home. What an uplifting happy ending!