Gentle dog shot with arrow gets no justice!

This sweet, innocent dog was shot with a couple of arrows by a dog thief – it all happened on the streets of Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan province. The thief was on alert, looking for as many dogs as possible to round off and sell to restaurants or private owners for meat.

He spotted this gentle fellow and spared no time in attacking him. But the pooch was resilient and did not surrender: he wanted to live and fought for it. In a desperate attempt to capture the dog, the attacker threw a couple of arrows straight at him, but the dog still managed to get away. The news about the dog went viral and activists from the Chengdu’s Qimin Small Animal Protection went looking for the wounded animal and, after hours of intensive searches, the dog was finally rescued. He was alive, but in very poor state of health. The pooch was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he is now receiving the much-needed medical treatment. He is expected to recover nicely, but the process is bound to take a lot of time.

The story of this dog angered millions of animal lovers in China. The dog meat trade has been a hot topic in the country for many years. This inhumane trade sees millions and millions of innocent dogs being cooked for their meat. In many parts of China, there is absolutely no regard for animal life. Those involved in this trade see these animals solely as commodities, a way to earn their living – no love, no compassion whatsoever.


This poor dog will never get the justice he deserves because China has no animal welfare laws and the dog meat trade has yet to be outlawed. In Western countries, the attacker would have been immediately tracked down and charged with cruelty to animals.

China will never be a world leader if this inhumane trade is allowed to continue. Ask the people in power from Beijing to reconsider their position and ban the dog meat trade and adopt animal welfare laws, measures that will stop the suffering of millions of innocent animals.

Show your opposition against the dog meat trade – sign the petition and share it with your friends, make the plight of Chinese animals known around the globe!

The man in the middle is the one that rescued the dog.


The dog was rushed to the vet and received the much-needed medical attention.


His recovery is expected to take a while.



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