Deaf Elderly Grandmother Still Waits For Her Missing Dog To Return A Year Later

Animals make such wonderful companions. They can especially be wonderful company for elderly people who might be lonely and in need of a buddy. That is why it is extra heartbreaking to see someone in such a position have their pet go missing.

Unfortunately, one grandmother, Philomena Boenke, suffered the gut-wrenching ordeal of losing her 16-year-old Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier mix, Brandy.

According to a Facebook group dedicated to finding the dog, the 81-year-old grandma lost her pet after her 59-year-old son, Tony, took the little Chihuahua mix on a walk in October 2020.

They wrote, “Brandy vanished on his usual walk on Hackney Marshes 10 October 2020 Though he is 16 he is a lively dog but he doesnt roam or run away..he was with a family member when he just vanished from by his side. the Marshes were busy …”

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